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Solutions for Managing Allergies

We want to make a difference by offering solutions for everyone who is touched by allergy- through a range of products, services and resources that offer a more balanced life.

An estimated 300 million people worldwide have asthma, with 37·9 million in India have allergies. Many of them suffer in silence because the way ahead is too confusing.

Many people search the internet for solutions, perhaps trying herbal treatments, traditional method, or symptom- relieving medicines.

They may also try various ways of limiting their exposure to certain allergens. When they do eventually see a doctor, that doctor may never have heard of allergy immunotherapy or may be reluctant to prescribe it.


As a result, the vast majority of people with severe allergy never receive allergy immunotherapy, while, for those who do, allergy immunotherapy is typically the treatment of last resort after a decade or more of trying other solutions.

AVPL’s goal is to help as many people with allergy as possible, by connecting with them throughout their disease journey, offering them information about their condition, and guidance on where to access proper medical advice and treatment.

Allergy is seldom a life-threatening condition, but it can often be life changing. Our aim is to help you manage that change positively.

Allergy is the most widespread chronic disease in the world and India, while AVPL works as your Allergy partner in this field, very few people with allergy currently receive the allergy immunotherapy.

As a result, many other may not be aware of the full range of treatment options available to them. Frequently, these people are undiagnosed, suffering in silence, or self-managing their condition with various over-the-counter products and medicines.

Those who eventually find their way to allergy immunotherapy often do so after many years of failed attempts to treat their allergy with other types of product